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Re: Quick question - Is there a way to export the summary format version of a report ?

@feisley  Your use case may be solved by sharing only certain reports so that users with the View Reports Only role get a curated view.  I grabbed the following snippet from the new Reporting Knowledge Center page: Roles and Permissions.  Access to the Z-billing page is granted by other permissions that you would have to add explicitly to the user.


View Reports Only Role

Users that have only the 'View Reports' permission receive a more limited set of functionality in Reporting:

  • View Reporting
  • View all shared reports
  • Mark shared reports as favorites
  • Run all shared reports
  • Enter filter conditions at runtime for shared reports enabled with parameterized filter values
  • View shared report results
  • Export shared report results to CSV file
  • Schedule run of shared reports 

The user with only View Reports permission will not be able to:

  • Create, modify, move, unshare, or delete reports 
  • Create, modify, or move folders

On your last note, that would be a nice addition.  Currently Reporting can either share reports or keep them private. Creating a separate group permission for just members of Team X or Y is not yet available.  Hmmm, but you could schedule a report to run and send the results of your private report to an exclusive group of team members.