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Plans for expanded standard reports

Hi all - we have received a lot of great feedback over the past few weeks. As part of our response to that, we are planning to significantly expand the list of standard reports that are available and also improve how our standard reports are organized. Below is the updated structure and list of reports. Thoughts welcome.


Some quick notes:

* Since we are adding a lot of content, we are introducing another level of organization. For each area (booking, billing, cash, and revenue), there are three subcategories:

-- Outcomes - these are reports that capture the top level business outcomes.

-- Drivers - these provide several different breakdowns of the top level metric and give you a means of figuring out why the top level metrics may be good or bad or what may be driving them to go up or down.

-- Actions - these are typically lists of items where some action should be taken. For instance, it might be a list of subscriptions coming up for renewal or a list of accounts whose default payment method is expiring soon.

* We are not planning to remove any existing reports as part of this. This is about reorganizing and adding rather than removing. I am tagging each report below to indicate whether it is net new, has a new name, or already exists.

* We plan to add more to this list in the coming months as we further expand the types of metrics that you can calculate in Zuora, so please view this as a starting point.

* If any of the report names below are ambiguous, feel free to ask questions about them below.


Hopefully this will be a helpful addition that accelerates reporting and analysis.



* Outcomes

-- Total MRR [New]

* Drivers

-- Cancelled CMRR [New]

-- Cancelled subscriptions [Formerly 'Churned Subscriptions']

-- MRR by account [New]

-- MRR by product [Formerly 'Today's MRR by product']

-- New CMRR [New]

-- New subscriptions [New]

-- Subscription changes [New]

-- Subscription retention by cohort [New]

-- Subscription term length [New]

* Actions

-- Accounts with subscriptions to be cancelled in the next 30 days [New]

-- Accounts with subscriptions up for renewal in the next 30 days [Existing]



* Outcomes

-- Gross billing over time [New]

-- Invoice item adjustments over time [New]

* Drivers

-- Billed usage over time [Formerly 'Billed usage over time without tax by UOM']

-- Gross billing by customer account over time [New]

-- Gross billing by product over time [Formerly 'Gross billing over time without tax']

-- Invoice item adjustments by cusotmer account over time [New]

-- Invoice item adjustments by product over time [Formerly 'Invoice item adjustments over time']

-- Invoice item adjustments by reason code [Existing]

-- Raw usage over time [New]

* Actions

-- Draft, cancelled, or error invoices [New]

-- Unprocessed usage [New]



* Outcomes

-- Payments over time [Existing]

-- Refunds over time [Existing]

* Drivers

-- Invoice aging [Existing]

-- Payment errors by error code [Existing]

-- Refunds by reason code [Existing]

-- Successful and failed payments [New]

* Actions

-- Accounts with expiring credit cards [New]

-- Accounts with largest outstanding balances [Existing]

-- Accounts with recent payment errors [Existing]

-- Accounts with unused credit balances [New]

-- Invoices with negative balances [New]

-- Longest outstanding invoices [Existing]



* Outcomes

-- Deferred revenue [New]

-- Recognized revenue [New]

* Drivers

-- Deferred revenue by accounting code [New]

-- Deferred revenue by charge type [New]

-- Deferred revenue by customer account [New]

-- Deferred revenue by product [New]

-- Recognized revenue by accounting code over time [New]

-- Recognized revenue by charge type over time [New]

-- Recognized revenue by customer account over time [New]

-- Recognized revenue by product over time [Formerly 'Recognized revenue over time']

* Actions

-- Undistributed unrecognized revenue [New]

-- Current accounting period revenue details [New]


Look forward to your thoughts.