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Re: Quick question - Is there a way to export the summary format version of a report ?

Hi Patti - I think what you're describing here is probably the formatting of the summary report.


For example, I created the summary report below from the Invoice Item data source. It sums up invoice amounts by product for each month.




I can export this and get the result below. The result is still summarized. E.g., I'm getting one row for each currency, product, and month and am not seeing the individual invoice items. However, it's formatted in a different way.




The reason for that formatting is that the format above is easier to work with in a pivot table in Excel or in another application (e.g., Tableau) for further analysis.


That said, we're thinking about adding an additional export option. Instead of having summary report exports always act like the one above, we're thinking about also adding the option to export a formatted csv file (or perhaps xls) that has the same layout as what you see on the report result page in Zuora. If that would be helpful, let me know.