What is "Multi-Subscription Quoting"

@nathanc @eric-neto In the advanced quoting config page there is a new option for 'Enable Multi-Subscription Quoting' when Orders is enabled. Are there any docs or details as to how this works?


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Re: What is "Multi-Subscription Quoting"

Also looking forward to docs on this Smiley Happy

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Re: What is "Multi-Subscription Quoting"

Hey guys! 


Now you can see I wasn't lying when I said we'd do stuff around this 🙂


Basically if you tick that, and have a parent quote, and child quotes associated it to it via the lookup, and click send to zuora, it "should" create one Order with multiple Subscriptions.  However, I think we have to do a lot more work here to make the metrics calc correctly and support it on a PDF.  Also I wasnt intending to build an OOTB UI for this, but want to consider it for loinger term once I get more use cases for it.


And you know what would be awesome? If early adopters gave us feedback on it 🙂