Re: [Feedback Needed] Ideas needed for Community perks...



I love all the suggested perks...SWAG and access to Zuora events like Subscribed is always great as an independent and Super User!


Functionally I'dliketo seea few added benefits like access to Zuora University, invitations to the Product Release update meetings.


The ability to request/provision API Sandbox tenants (as we can with SFDC DEV ORG's)  to test new features or configurations for customers without using the customer's sandbox would be very useful.   This should also have the ability to log Support tickets against said sandbox to get T9 features activated,for example.


The ability to clone these sandbox shells (without data like accounts, subscriptions, bill runs, payment runs, invoices, payments, refunds, invoiceitem adjustments) would be extremely helpful.  We wouldn't have to run through the entire configuration all over again each time.




Access to Zuora Connect is also a big requirement.

Sean Ralph CPA CA