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[Feedback Needed] Ideas needed for Community perks...

I'm creating a community superuser program that'll give community users who have a certain number of accepted solutions access to exclusive content like technical briefs let by Zuora experts and other things that you might find valuable and give you an edge for your career.


The goal of this program is to allow users to showcase their Zuora knowledge and expertise by helping their peers. In exchange the Community team would love to give away some perks to those in our superuser group. 


That's where I need your help! 


What perks and benefits would you like to see from this program?


What do you think of

  • Free admission to a local Subscribed event
  • Free hotel at Subscribed
  • Breakfast/lunch on us for your team
  • Complimentary 1-year subscription to Zuora University
  • ....anything else?

If you'd like to schedule a chat with me, send me a PM.  I'd love to pick your brains!


 Community Superusers


Suggestion tracker:

  • Private sandbox vs. team Zuora sandbox
  • 1 year subscription to a selected connect app/access to Zuora connect
  • base level perks: T-shirts, bottles, bags, blue tooth speaker
  • Invitation to product release meetings
  • The ability to request/provision API Sandbox tenants (as we can with SFDC DEV ORG's) to test new features or configurations for customers without using the customer's sandbox would be very useful. This should also have the ability to log Support tickets against said sandbox to get features activated,for example
  • The ability to clone these sandbox shells (without data like accounts, subscriptions, bill runs, payment runs, invoices, payments, refunds, invoiceitem adjustments) would be extremely helpful. We wouldn't have to run through the entire configuration all over again each time.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." —A. A. Milne
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