Re: [Feedback Needed] Help us improve Community search

As for me, I think that the performance of the search engine is not bad.
"Sorted by: Best Match" brings the information I want.


Rather, I think that the result of the search should be more gentle to those who are not good at English (like me! I can not write this sentence without Google Translate!).
In other words, with the title of the post and the beginning of the body displayed as the search result, it is hard to judge whether it is an article I checked already.


It is important to immediately judge "whether it is an article I checked already".
When I want new information, I avoid it. When I want to re-read articles I saw in the past (but I forgot to subscribe! I can not remember the title!), It will become a guide to re-find it.


Therefore, I think that the following information should be displayed in the search result:

  • Whether it is an article I checked already
  • If checked, that date / time
  • Whether I already have given Vote or Kudo

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