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Zuora RevPro Customer Newsletter | April 2018

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Zuora RevPro Customer Newsletter | April 2018

The Zuora Product Team is incredibly proud to announce that we have released a brand new user interface for Zuora RevPro. This milestone product release offers powerful enhancements, designed to have a clean and pleasant UI that will help you close your books faster and improve your overall RevPro experience. Check out the content below for enhancement highlights, how to upgrade, and user training opportunities!

As always, thank you for trusting Zuora RevPro with your business.

-The RevPro Product and Engineering Team


Better Performance

RevPro April 2018 The New RevPro UI offers improved system performance and speed for task rendering and data load, resulting in a more pleasant a user experience. This enhancement will save users significant time for day-to-day operations in key areas, for example the revenue workbench


Seamless Navigation

RevPro April 2018-1 We’ve completely redesigned the navigation and page layout framework in RevPro. Our improved navigation and page design is incredibly intuitive--allowing you to get to any screen in RevPro with a single click, rather than having to click through multiple navigation and sub-navigation folders.


New and Optimized Reporting

RevPro April 2018 The New RevPro UI offers new features and enhancements for all major reporting functions. We introduced a new feature that allows users to configure a dashboard that will surface KPIs of their choice as soon as they log into RevPro. We also introduced improvements like faster load times, data grids with advanced filtering, no export limits, no filter limits, drilldown capabilities, and many more.


The highlights above are just a few of the manybenefits that come with the New RevPro UI. Submit a ticket with RevPro Support to upgrade to the New RevPro UI today, or to Find Out More on the Zuora Blog, watch a recorded demo, and review frequently asked questions about how to upgrade!


Join us for a live webinar on May 23, 2018 from 9-10am (invite to follow). We’ll give you a live demo of the New UI, highlight key differences, and reserve time for Q&A. You can also join us for an in-person training at Zuora’s Subscribed 2018 Conference.

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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