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Zuora RevPro Release Notes

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Zuora RevPro Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that the Zuora RevPro Release Notes has been published! Please check out Zuora RevPro Release Notes for details.


The enhancements in this release include:

  • Revenue Contract Move Report Showing Delinked Lines
  • Unsatisfied POB Balances Report
  • Track Previously Satisfied POBs By Quarter and By Year
  • New Release Event Available in Cost Treatment of POB Templates
  • New Fields in SSP Percentage Based Templates and Reports

The resolved issues in this release include:

  • Cost Schedules Created Based on Old Dates after SO Term Change
  • Workbench Does Not Display Event Detail for Unbundled Lines
  • Catch-up Revenue Not Released When Ext Sell Price Change from $0 to Another Value
  • Unable to Expire Line Level Release Hold
  • Incorrect SSP Calculation


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