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Why I cannot find some predefined programs in Schedule Jobs UI?

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Why I cannot find some predefined programs in Schedule Jobs UI?


I want to manually start the RevPro3.0 RC Validation Process program. However, when I navigate to Reports > Schedule Jobs and begin to add a job to run, the program is not available for selection on the Program Name list.



The following reasons might cause a program not available for your selection when you want to schedule a job to run:

  • Your current role does not have appropriate access to submit a job.
  • The target program is not allowed to be manually submitted.


To check your role privileges, navigation to Setups > Security. Locate your current role and click the pencil icon. The Role Privileges tab of the Edit Role window indicates your access to different menu options. You must have full access to the Submit Job button.




To check whether the target program can be manually started, navigate to Setups > Application > Background Jobs. The Allow Manual Submit column indicates whether a program can be manually started. To change this setting, hover the mouse over the target program and click the pencil icon. Make sure the Allow Manual Submit switch is toggled to Yes.


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