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What is the Bell Icon?

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What is the Bell Icon?

In RevPro application, sometimes you would have noticed a Red bell icon next to the current accounting period on the header line. This bell icon in Red alerts the user that there are still few Revenue Contracts to be summarized in order to ensure that the revenue numbers are up to date.




If there are accounting changes for the Revenue Contracts that have not been summarized, then this Bell Icon shows as an alert. When you click on the bell icon, the Summarization Snapshot Details screen will be presented. This screen shows the information such as the number of Revenue Contracts modified since the last summarization.

Note: For Read-only users, the Launch Summarization button will not be available.




By clicking the Launch Summarization button, you can directly submit Revpro3.0 Reporting Summarize Current Period for Multi-Org job without having to navigate to Schedule Job screen.




Upon the completion of RevPro3.0 Reporting Summarize Current Period for Multi-Org job completed i.e. summarization of all the Revenue Contracts, this bell icon disappears.



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