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Query Historical POB Lead Lines


Query Historical POB Lead Lines



Is there a record that logs the historical Lead Lines on POB groups for whenever the system itself recognizes a change and updates the lead line on a POB group? Perhaps something similar to RPRO_RC_POB_H_G which appears to capture user-entered changes? Thanks.

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Re: Query Historical POB Lead Lines

Hi Zach,


Currently, the system will not change the lead line automatically because of the lead line mandatory for the POB. There is the possibility of the POB can be changed automatically at part of the collection process. Please find the system behavior.


1. If the revenue is already released on the line then the system applies POB Reassignment hold. The user needs to review and change the POB Manually.


2. If the line is not released then system change the automatically POB based on the rule.SThe system will not store the old POB details because its not required since the line is not released yet.


Hope this helps.



Venkatesh G

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Re: Query Historical POB Lead Lines

Hi Venkatesh,


Thank you for the response. Just a quick related question as well. For manual changes made, one users enter and are captured by the WB_TIME_LINE_G table, is there a way to capture what the previous lead line was of a POB group whenever they make that change?


From what I see, that Time Line table only logs what the lead line is changed TO and not what it was changed FROM.


Thank you,