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Poor performance when unfreezing an RC

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Poor performance when unfreezing an RC

Hi Zuora,


When we perform manual Unfreeze RC, RevPro spends a long time processing the action. When we manually re-allocate an already unfrozen RC, the re-allocation takes a lot less time.


What other backend processes are taking place when we 'Unfreeze RC' manually? So far as we can tell, the RC just re-allocates and opens up for linking. Is there anything we can do to improve speed of 'Unfreeze RC'? 

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RevPro Support

Re: Poor performance when unfreezing an RC

Thanks for the question No_Partying,

RC (Revenue Contract) is frozen when adjustment entries posted to the ledger. Unfreeze action needs to create a version of RC, reverse the posted entries and reallocate. So, there is more work in unfreeze than only reallocate. At the same time if you feel the system is taking abnormal time, log a ticket with support to see any performance improvements available in latest versions.

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