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Re: Initial Entry vs Initial Reporting Entry


Initial Entry vs Initial Reporting Entry

When looking at journal entry details what is the difference between the "Initial Entry" and "Initial Reporting Entry" fields? 


If RevPro is not posting the entry to deferred upon invoicing, how should journal entry details be filtered so they can be reconciled to the waterfall?

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Re: Initial Entry vs Initial Reporting Entry

Hi AprilD:


I probably know the answer to your first question. Hope I can help for a bit.


Initial Entry: The entries with "Initial Entry Flag" set to "Yes" are the entries assumed to be created outside of RevPro. As such they are one-sided entries that are also flagged as "Unpostable". The Initial Entries Flag is set for billings and initial cost entries (based on cost-type setup).


Initial Reporting Entry: The purpose of the Initial Reporting Entry flag is primarily used for reporting within RevPro and for flagging initial entries in the Balance Sheet created in RevPro. These include the Allocation Adjustment entries for the carve-outs between lines (Adjustment Liability), the accrual entries created for variable consideration, and the initial cost entries where RevPro posts both the Capitalized Cost and the Liability entries. This flag allows transactions to be flagged as "Additions" in RevPro reporting, but separates them from the entries generated outside RevPro and allows users to segregate initial entries for reconciliation purposes. So I guess you can use this flag to filter journal entries.


Additionally, you might want to refer to Reports Reconciliation in our Knowledge Center for more information on the reports reconciliation. Thanks!