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How to share the report outputs with others?

Zuora Staff

How to share the report outputs with others?

Is there a way to share your report outputs with others without actually sharing the files?

Yes. During month closes, the reports are the highly needed one for the business users. Some of the reports will consume more time to get completed as well as it's difficult to share with the others due to the huge size.


There is a feature in the application to address this concern by following the very simple steps as mentioned below.

1. Navigate to Reports → Download Reports. 



2. Click the report output you wish to share with the other roles and click on the share symbol.



3. Choose the roles you want to share and click on > symbol. Once the roles are moved under Selected Roles, click the share icon to save the changes.




Now, this report output is shared with the “Revenue Mgr” and “Reviewer” roles. So the users who are assigned with any of these roles will be able to download this report.


Please find the steps below to access the above report output by the user from the Reviewer role(any role the report is shared).


1.Navigate to Reports → Download Reports 



2. Click the > symbol on the right top corner to access the menu items. Click the Shared Downloads from the list. The reports that the other users shared with you will be available here for your own downloading.



This way we can share number of reports with other users.