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How to setup new org in Revpro

Question: How to setup new org in Revpro?

Revpro supports multi-org in with the orgs having the uniform open period or different orgs having different open periods. This behavior is controlled by the profile option MAINTAIN_OPEN_PERIOD.

  • If set to Book, then period open/close at book level maintaining uniform period across all the orgs.
  • If set to Org, then the period can be specific to an org and different orgs can have different periods.

Navigate to Setups >> Application >> Profile >> search MAINTAIN_OPEN_PERIOD.




Below steps will explain on how to set up an Org in RevPro and how to open a period.

  1. Navigate to Setups >> Application >> Organization and click the (+) Icon to create a new org.




2.Navigate to Setup >> Security. Then create the new Role by clicking the + icon and assign the newly created org to the role.








3.Navigate to Security >> Users and assign the newly created role to a user.


4.Log onto to application with the newly created role and click the No Open Period link on the top.




5.Click the Close Current & Open Other. On the resulting Confirmation pop-up window, click OK.




6.Now a new period is opened in RevPro for a specific Org.




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