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How to setup hierarchy for POB using advanced rule functionality in Zuora Revenue?

Zuora Staff

How to setup hierarchy for POB using advanced rule functionality in Zuora Revenue?

There is a feature available in Zuora Revenue to sequence the hierarchy using the advanced rule functionality. To provide the step by step explanation, once the RC is collected with the existing POB sequence advanced rule usually used for more complex performance obligation templates. It always attempts to apply the configured advance rules first by following the below.


POBs by Advanced Rule:

  1. Combining multiple goods/services into a single POB
  2. Identifying mandatory and optional elements to be included in POB
  3. Identifying the leading line that drives revenue recognition for the POB


If the advanced rule satisfied based on the sequence for the same product with 2 different levels of maintenance one is Hardware and the other is Software maintenance. Even though the current product does not find any ambiguity in the maintenance between software & Hardware while realizing the contracts as per POB, the sequence override and causes uncertain revenue release to overcome and change the sequence based on the business requirements.


Now let us see how to change the sequence for “POBTraining”




  • Navigate to Workbench >> Policies>> Performance Obligations from the main menu.




  • Click the “>” Side arrow and select the Advanced Rule.




  • Now, navigate to existing POB and click the > icon to modify the POB sequence.



  • Click the POB name to change the sequence.





  • Now the change condition order tab allows you to change the sequence number, so that rule is based on your own priority setup. Click the save button to change the sequence.





  • Now verify the sequence of the existing POB changed in Advanced Rule.