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How to change the report file's download format in RevPro?

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How to change the report file's download format in RevPro?

In RevPro, the report output files are getting downloaded as CSV files by default; but there exists an option to compress and download the output as zip file, as well. In order to enable the option to download as zip file, follow below steps. This option will be very much helpful for the customers whose data volume is high.


1. Click the hamburger icon to launch the menu page.STEP-1.png


2. Click the Application option under Setups.STEP-2.png


3. Click the LessThan symbol to view the list of menu options available under Application menu.STEP-3.1.png


4. Click the Profiles to view the list of profile options available in RevPro.STEP-3.png


5. In the resulting page, select APPLICATION from the Category dropdown list to view all the application profile options. Enter the keyword zip to search the profile option 




6. Click the pencil icon to edit the profile option value. Default System Level Value of No denotes that report files are getting downloaded in CSV format. STEP-5.png


Toggle the System Level Value to Yes in order to download the report output files in compressed zip format.



NOTE: If this profile option is enabled, any reports transferred through REST API/SFTP will also be in ZIP format.