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Bulk reallocation of RC's

Question: We have a lot of RC’s went into SSP exception due to missing SSP. Now we have uploaded a new SSP file to clear those, but we need to reallocate. There are too many RCs and it is difficult to reallocate them one by one. Is it possible to do bulk reallocation?


Answer: There is an option in RevPro to do the bulk reallocation of RC's using mass action. Please follow the below steps to do so.


1. Navigate to Workbench >> Manage Mass Actions.




2. Click the (+) to create a new Mass Action Batch.




3. Select RC from the drop down list for Action On & Re-Allocate for Action Type. Click the save button to save the batch.




4. Navigate to Filters tab and click the Add a Row (+) to add the filter in the Mass Action Batch. If you want to reallocate all the RC’s having SSP exception, then select the Error Message from the drop down list & select IS NOT NULL for the operator. Click the save button & close the Mass Action Batch window.




5. Click the Query Data button to get the list of RC’s having the exception.





6. Click the Review Data once batch status changes to Data Identified.




7. Click the Re-Allocate button to reallocate the RC's.




8. System changes the status to Action Completed upon completion of the bulk reallocation.




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