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Auto POB & Releasing Revenue when Auto POB is applied to a line

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Auto POB & Releasing Revenue when Auto POB is applied to a line

Question: What is an Auto POB? How to release the Revenue when Auto POB is applied to a line?


Answer: During the data collection process, the system assigns the POB for a sales order line if it meets the POB rule definition. When the line doesn't satisfy any of the defined POB rules then Auto POB will get assigned to that line. But when Auto POB is assigned to a line, RevPro doesn't allow releasing the revenue from that line until a defined POB is assigned. In order to assign a defined POB, follow below steps.


  • Navigate to Workbench and open the RC which has the Auto POB assigned line
  • In the resulting screen, change the RC Transactions view from POB to Line by clicking the Switch to Line button at the form level. Now click the dropdown against the Auto POB assigned line and select the Move Line >> New POB.




  • Choose the POB from the dropdown for the field Add to a New POB & enter the Derived POB Name & Comments. Click the save button at the top.




  • Now the selected POB is assigned to that line.




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