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Creating a new Role and User in production

RevPro Support

Zuora team is introducing an auto validation process to validate the deployments and to ensure the system is accessible.To achieve this Zuora application needs a read-only role and a user to be used by automation.

User Name: deployment_user@zuora.com
Role Name: Deployment Validation - Readonly.
Role Privileges: all read-only Expect reports.
- This message does not apply to customers who are SSO Enabled.
- Please ignore this meesage if we have already created this User and Role in Production 

Hi Zuora team,  we are required to go through internal IT ticketing to create this login per SOX Compliance.  Have you already created this in our production environment?  If not, please hold off and we will open a ticket to grant you appropriate access. Once we grant you acess, we will send you the created password and you can reset it once access has been provided. 

RevPro Support

Thank you for your response. Please create a support ticket for any questions or if you want us to hold on creating this user. 

Hi Jaisimha,


Yes, please hold off and I will create an internal support ticket.  Once created, should I respond back to this thread for login details or through a different form?


RevPro Support

We will communicate via the Zendesk ticket that you create. 

Hi Jai, we have the login and password created.  Sorry for the delay it took. Is the Zendesk ticket through the Zuora support portal?  I am not too familiar with Zendesk. 


RevPro Support

Thank you for your approval. We have received your ticket.