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Re: "Copy" Key Contact to Auto-Fill When Creating a New Contact - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

"Copy" Key Contact to Auto-Fill When Creating a New Contact

Summary of the enhancement?
Ability to "copy" a Key Contact when generating a new one so that the address and phone numbers are auto-filled

What is the business problem?
Currently when you create a new contact, a large hefty box pops up on the screen (which you can't move around), the screen behind the new contact box goes opaque and you cannot see the address of the other contacts to copy from. We deal with a large amount of contacts on each account which are often times in special formats with International addresses. Each time we create a new contact we are having to write down with a pen or type it out on another screen to remember what to type in to the new contact. There are other programs that allow the ability to copy a contact when creating a new one, which is great, and saves a lot of time.

What is the business impact?
Time. Time = Money 🙂

What is the proposed solution (if available)?
Create a hyperlink under each key contact that allows us to copy existing contact and create a new one.


Key Contact

Brandi McClellan
2225 ABC Lane
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 508-1234

Edit Delete Copy Contact to Create New


give us the ability when creating a new contact to select a current key contacts address/phone number

Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea

This would be helpful and prevent us from having to re-enter the comapny address every time we create a new contact. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea
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Our wish falls under this also.  If we have 5 separate accounts that we need to change the same contact on it would be nice to either be able to look up the contact info and have it autopopulate and/or to be able to copy the contact to other accounts.