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MS Dynamic CRM and Zuora Integration

MS Dynamic CRM and Zuora Integration

Hi Zoura team,


I would like to know Zoura features and possibility to integrate same with MS Dynamics?


any document or pointers will be very helpful and it is very urgent.





Ritesh Jain

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+1 looking for any examples of where Zuora has been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Assuming there isn't a pre-built connector and it would be a integration effort using APIs and SDK?

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Honor Student

Hi all,

I am facing the same problem and I wish to know whether you had found samples of Zuora and Ms Dynamics CRM integration? If yes, could you please share it with me?


Our company (PossibilIT, in the Netherlands) has developed a synchronisation solution between Zuora and Dynamics365, and that solution is called ZCRM365.

Basically, ZCRM365 does the same what Z360+ZQuotes together do for Zuora/Salesforce integration, so a 2-way interface.

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Thanks for the idea! Let me move this to the Zuora Platform ideas so that the team there can review it.