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Re: ISO Country Code field on Contacts - Status changed to: Unlikely

ISO Country Code field on Contacts

Feature Request: ISO Country Code field on Contacts

Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE5825

Business Need: Customers are asking if it is possible to add an option/field to use the ISO Country Code on the contacts field. As per these customers requirements, the integration with thier accounting system they require the ISO Country Code and not the English Country Name. (might solve a lot of problems with non-English systems.)

Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea

Hi there, we would also like this, as the english country code isn't a sensible primary key for looking up the object in our frontend system.  The ISO codes are standard so would be acceptable.

Zuora Alumni

Great idea !  The ability to export ISO country codes would be useful.


Additionally, the standardised State and Province codes would be really useful in all integrations and workflows.


Hi is there any update on when/if this will be delivered?