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Enhacement request: Increase the number of contacts on an account

Enhacement request: Increase the number of contacts on an account



My client realised the number of contacts is limited to 100 per account. This may seem a lot already, but here's why we would want to increase it. 

The context if B2B... the client sells licenses to a reseller... the reseller is our account in Zuora. 

Our client want to keep track of whom these licenses are sold to... to have a direct access to their users, rather that just with the reseller.


The idea is that for each installation, the reseller will record the contact details of the end-user. This information needs to be recorded in Zuora as there's no other system in the picture where this can be stored. Contact seems to be the ideal candidate... but the limit of 100 will quickly be reached.


The idea is to increase it. Given the fact that there's not API to retrieve the whole list of contacts for an account, we believe that impact on perf, or even storage (of course not all accounts will have that many contacts, only a few will reach a few 1000s of contacts) should be limited.


Proposal: increase the limit align it with the max number of subscription per account (3000 by default).

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Zuora Engineering


As the use case described, it's Reseller use case. Have we explred the feature "Invoice Owner"?

Each installation is a subscription. The end-user of the installation is modeled as an account who is the subscription owner. It has its own contacts. The reseller is the invoice owner of all subscriptions.


Does this approach work? What's the problem if it doesn't work?