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Email notifications should use the communication profile locale setting for date format

Currently the date format for email notifications is based on the locale settings for the Zuora user who triggers the action (e.g. the bill run). To me this doesn't make sense at all. I would expect it to use the locale setting for the relevant communication profile.


We are UK based, so most of our Zuora users have a locale setting of "English (United Kingdom)" so that our reports and UI use the UK date format. However, most of our customers are in the US, so we have setup a separate US comms profile along with a complete set of emails created specifically for these US customers. The locale setting for this profile is set to "English (United States)" and I really expected this would mean that these emails would use the US date format. But it turns out this is not how it works.


Please provide a facility to allow us to use the comms profile locale setting to control the date format of customer email notification.