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Re: Email Invoice Delivery Status after sent

Email Invoice Delivery Status after sent

Other software that sends emails on behalf of a sender usually provide information about the status of an email once it is sent. I need to know whether the email was 'undeliverable', 'unopened', 'opened', or 'replied'. Since there is no place for notes without an add-on and we do not have this information, it is difficult to prove the customer received the invoice.

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We would also need to be able to extract a report for this! thank you


Many Zuora customers have been asking for better reporting and visibility into email notification results.  Mainly around failires so at least someone can try to resend the email, but I completely agree that the current email notification functionality is seriously lacking in some basic functionality to manage customer email notifications.  


I pulled a few old posts with simiar requests.  It would be good for Zuora to respond to one of these posts to provide some sort of update on if the notification fuctions will be improved upon.  Are there any enhancements in the works?


Ability to run a Notification History Report out of Z-Reporting Jan 2016

Bounce back notification for invalid Email address May 2017

Email notification whenever an email fails June 2017

Reporting on bounced emails May 2018


THIS IS CRITICAL! I don't understand how this is not already built into Zuora Email Notifications. How are we supposed to know when our account's contact information is incorrect? 


Zuora!! Please please please put this into production!! This is table stakes for any email notification service! 

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For this reason (the lack of functionality) we dont use Zuora for sending emails. We use other services (like marketing tool and invoice distribution tool) that can handle this types of scenarios (bounced emails etc) but it would be very good to have this supported in Zuora 🙂


Great, thanks Karina. How do you port the invoices from Zuora to your email service automatically?


Also, what service do you use? Would you be willing to chat with me about this? 




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It is actually an integration that does multiple things. As the invoice distribution service has different distribution channels (send by email, as e-invoice or by print):

  1. Fetches the pdfs from Zuora (for customers that gets the invoice by email or printed and sent by post). A workflow stamps the invoice with the pdf URI and our integration makes sure to fetch this version of the pdf (as there can be multiple versions)
  2. The integration generates the invoice in XML format for those customers who want to receive it directly into their invoice receiving system.  
  3. Generate OCR codes based upon bank requirements
  4. etc

The invoice distributor service takes care of the distribution.

We can chat if you see this as valuable 🙂