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Create a way to move accounts and all associated owned subscriptions/invoices/payments easily


I have two Ultimate Parent Accounts each with a single child account associated. Both of the child accounts should have been associated with one-single Ultimate Parent, but were created individually, thus creating two identical Ultimate Parent accounts. One of the child accounts needs moved to a single, primary Ultimate Parent account, and the extra Ultimate Parent account needs deleted after the child account is moved to the primary Ultimate Parent. 


Current Resolution Process: 

  1. Update the Child accounts' Ultimate Parent to the primary Ultimate Parent chosen
  2. Cancel the invoice generated on the extra Ultimate Parent account that was generated by the subscription associated with the child account
  3. Transfer the Subscription Invoice Owner to the new primary Ultimate Parent 
  4. Cancel/delete the extra Ultimate Parent account 

Ideal Process: 

  1. Have a feature on Customer Accounts to "Transfer Customer Account"
    1. This feature would complete the entire process stated above automatically.