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Add ability to export/import email templates and communication profiles

It would be useful to be able to import/export email templates and communication profiles.  Some specific use cases:


1, Export a communication profile, edit externally and import back in.   This would be useful if creating or maintaining multiple communication profiles across Zuora instances or within a single instance if several communication profiles are used for different classes of customer, etc.  Note that the ability to clone an existing communication profile to create another would at least fulfill this partially within a single Zuora instance.

2. Export email templates, edit externally and import back in,  This could be between instances of Zuora (sandbox to prod, prod to prod2, etc.) or between different company instances (where an enterprise customer may have multiple Zuora instances for different units or subsidiaries).




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Status changed to: Under Consideration



I'll think about this for a future release. Thanks!



This feature will be really useful, as the existing method is tiresome and takes much time. 

It would be great if it is made available.


Another vote for this ability. Not sure why it doesn't already exist?


Use case:

  • Create 10 separate email templates in sandbox
  • QA and modify as needed the above 10 templates
  • Near go-live/product launch, export 10 email templates from sandbox
  • Import same 10 into prod
  • Final QA before launch

The current workflow is very tedious and utterly inefficient. Why would spend hours tweaking emails in sandbox only to have to recreate all of them again from scratch in prod?


Request that this be escalated and not "thought about for a future release."


Thank you.




Our methodology is to test something in sandbox temporarily, but then make production and sandbox environments the same. This way we can ensure that our automated tests (that are running using our sandbox) are checking the same that would happen in production...


It is crutial to make sure communication profiles are set up in the same way. Otherwise we can end up in a situation where all our tests are working well but production breaks or vice versa.

However, I'm mostly referring to callout settings in this case - email templates are not something we would test with automated tests.


Thank you for your consideration.




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We run approximately 24 different languages for our emails out of Zuora.  Updating and importing them manually is an incredible amount of time but more so...it opens us up to errors that are directly visible by our customers since they get the emails.


Being able to update the content within email templates and make changes to communication profiles in all the different locales would be a huge improvement to our ability to use the email templates quite a bit more.  We have to limit what we can use today because of the cost of keeping these updated and ability to make changes.


Adding an API where we could updating any email template would help in moving these between sandbox and production and deploying more.