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Re: First Zuora Hoodie Day of 2017!

Community Manager

What better way to celebrate the end of the fiscal year at Zuora than to have a Hoodie Day across the globe?  Here are some pics of team and individual hoodie entries in our first Hoodie Day of 2017 at Zuora!



Zuora ZEOs Showing off Their Team Spirit

Superbowl 2017 fun fact - We have offices in both team cities: Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots! Some of our ZEOs showed off their team spirit on Hoodie Day






Zuora Teams Around the World



Global Services

Product and TechnologyZEO SuccessZ-WomenZuora JapanZuora AtlantaZuora San DiegoZuora BostonZuora London












Zuora Alumni

Belichick approves!



Zuora Alumni

Zuora Japan was definitely the most innovative 🙂

SanDiego came a close second !

Zuora Alumni

Little ZEO hoodie.....that you can't resist.


Zuora Staff

Heart San Diego submission, but holding off my final vote until we get all the submissions from our friends in Beijing!  (After CNY Holiday) 

Zuora Staff

San Diego submission is the hottest! 

Zuora Alumni

Love the San Diego hoodies!!!!!

Zuora Support Moderator

Kudos for Zuora Japan's improvised hoodies!

Zuora Staff

San Diego has the best one so far!

Community Manager

Love the hoodie submissions from Beijing!