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2018 Zuora Hoodie Day

by Community Manager 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

An annual tradition at the end of our fiscal year (January 31st), Hoodie Day empowers Zuora employees and their teams to throw down with the guantlet of hoodie attire, flashing their personal style and awesomeness.  


Here are some of this year's hoodies...who wore it best?


Many thanks to all of the offices that participated!



Office Pride


= Boston =

 Hoodie Day FY18 Boston



= Atlanta =

Hoodie Day FY18 ATL



= Japan =

Hoodie Day FY18 Japan



= Zuora HQ (San Mateo) =

Hoodie Day FY18 HQ



EMEA Support starts the Group of 3 Trend

= 3 is a magic number and EMEA Support represents from UK and France! =

Hoodie Day FY18 EMEA plus 3



Striking a Pose

= Looking stylish in these hoodies = 

Hoodie Day FY18 Posing




When all else fails, grab a friend...or more!

= The Buddy System works at our San Jose Zuora RevPro office = 

Hoodie Day FY18 Friends



Going Han

= Owning it on their own! = 

Hoodie Day FY18 Solo 



Kids and pets join in on Zuora Hoodie Day

= It became a family affair! = 

Hoodie Day FY18 Family



= PM/Engineering Team at HQ



pushkala Zuora Alumni

Zuora Alumni

by Zuora Alumni
2 weeks ago

and the awesome tradition continues!! 

rjohnson Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

by Savvy Scholar rjohnson

That looks like so much fun!!