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Using Zuora for Salesforce Components and Plugins - Subscribed '16 Training

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Dive into Zuora for Salesforce components and plugins at this Subscribed ‘16 training session. You’ll understand the framework underpinning Guided Selling, the Quote Wizard, Layout Configuration and others. You’ll also learn how components and plug-ins allow you to customize your application.


About the Course

Salesforce developers who are responsible for developing components and plugins for the Zuora for Salesforce application will benefit the most from this course.  It would also be helpful for admins to sit in for the first 30 minutes of the session to get a background on components and plugins.


Attendees will also get access to online training based on this session that they can use to review or access additional content after the session.

Course Prerequisites

  • Attendees should be Salesforce developers
  • Apex knowledge or a comparable programming language is highly recommended to follow the code samples and understand the power of components and plugins.


Key Takeaways

You will leave the session with meaningful pieces of code that you can leverage later.


Learn from the Zuora for Salesforce Experts at Subscribed ‘16

As a Salesforce developer, when you understand the intricacies of Zuora for Salesforce components and plugins, you’ll be able to develop powerful tools that will address your organization’s needs.  Zuora training is included in your Subscribed ‘16 registration and space is limited so register today!


Training sessions which will take place on April 11th - a day before Subscribed ‘16 that’s held on  April 12-13 at the Hilton, Union Square in San Francisco.

How would you like to customize your components and plugins using Zuora for Salesforce components and plugins?  Share them below.