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The Zuora Administrator Checklist: Subscribed 16' Training

Community Manager

Subscribed '16 The Zuora Administrator Checklist.jpg


Are you a Zuora user who may become an administrator in their company’s tenant? Or, are you a current administrator who needs a refresher on Zuora navigation? In this Subscribed ‘16 Training session, we’ll go through the steps that will simplify your role as a Zuora administrator.





This course will walk you through all the essentials to make you an expert Zuora administrator:

user management, permissions, and system-wide settings. You will also learn about charge models, invoice rules, payment gateways, and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Course Prerequisites

Attendees should have a basic knowledge of navigating through Zuora.


Key Takeaways

You’ll know the day-to-day settings to avoid common mistakes in a user set-up.





At the end of our training session, you’ll feel confident in being an Zuora tenant so register for Subscribed ‘16 and secure a spot in our course. Training is included in your registration and takes place on April 11th (the day before Subscribed ‘16).


From your experience, what issues have you faced as a Zuora administrator?