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Subscribed ‘16 Training: Closing Your Books with Zuora

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Want to use Z-Finance as your sub-ledger? The Subscribed ‘16 training session, “Closing Your Books with Zuora” will teach you how to easily create accounting periods, close your books at period-end, generate journal entries and keep them in sync with your general ledger.


About the Course

This 1.5-hour course is for customers who are looking to learn more about how the Accounting Close Process works in Zuora.  We’ll begin with an overview presentation along with a Q&A session and end with a hands-on workshop where attendees can experience the product while working through real world use cases.


Course Prerequisites

We assume that customers have some experience with Zuora’s products and some knowledge of accounting close process. If not, they are encouraged to take some of the basic and introductory courses on Zuora University. These courses include:

  • Introduction to Zuora
  • Basics of Product Catalog
  • Basics of Customer Accounts
  • Basics of Subscription

Access to these courses will be provided to the registrants a week prior to Subscribed Training.


Key Takeaways

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how Z-Finance works as a subledger
  • Identify how to create an accounting period in Z-Finance
  • Explain the close process with Z-Finance
  • Identify steps in running a trial balance
  • Run the journal entry report
  • Describe how to reconcile the journal entry report with an external GL    

Learn More about the Accounting Close Process Using Zuora

Closing your books with Zuora doesn’t have to be difficult. Sign up for this invaluable training session that will make you feel confident in using Zuora for your ledger needs.


All Zuora training sessions take place on April 11th (the day before Subscribed ‘16). Training is included in all Subscribed ‘16 registrations and space is limited so register for Subscribed ‘16 today!  


What issues are you currently facing during your accounting close process?  Share them below.