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Recap in Photos: Zuora's SF Wine and Subscription Networking Event

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Well, there was no Pokemon Go playing, I had way too much other fun at Zuora's San Francisco Wine and Subscription Networking Event last night with Adyen and the Bespoke Collection.


This event was one of Zuora's several Summer Events so be sure to check all of them out and get the latest updates about events in your area by joining a Community User Group!


Here are some pics from last night:



Zuora Bespoke CollectionZuora Prezi

Karoline Norohan  Andrey Jukhoop from Adyen  and Jacob Feisley from Appspace

Jacob Feisley AppspaceAfter-Party with Adyen


Party On Adyen  Barrel RoomSF Wine and Subscription Networking



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Awesome event! Tons of useful insights into implementing Zuora in subscription businesses as well as Adyen's unique take on payment processing. Not to mention great fun afterwards 🙂


Thanks @marlene, Zuora and Adyen for hosting.