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Learn from World Class Zuora Experts on Training Day

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On our training day on April 11, customers will have access to Zuora experts, are bound to learn something they didn't know -- and the sessions are available at no additional cost after you’ve registered for Subscribed ‘16.  So why not come?!


Zuora’s Day 0: Training Day

On April 11 (the day before Subscribed ‘16) we'll offer 11 training sessions for Zuora's customers and partners.  We'll be showing some of our newest capabilities (reporting and Insights) as well, and giving customers a chance to get their hands on them.


About Zuora Training Day

Our goal for Zuora Training was to offer two sessions for each main role: developer, Zuora administrator, billing operations, finance, product marketing.  So these groups should find the training sessions useful.  


Course Prerequisites

We are assuming proficiency with Zuora.  So we won't be doing introductory-level training on the very, very basics that a new Zuora customer would be interested in.  

Key Takeaways

You’ll get tips and tricks to improve your work with/in Zuora.  How do we know the content will meet your needs?  We looked through Support tickets to identify themes in what customers ask.  We used that information to shape the session agendas/content. So attendees can expect to confirm some of what they know, learn tips and best practices and answers to commonly-asked questions.


All training sessions will take place on April 11th - a day before Subscribed ‘16 that’s held on  April 12-13 at the Hilton, Union Square in San Francisco.

What training Session(s) have you signed up for this year at Subscribed ‘16? Share it with us below!

Savvy Scholar

Do you have any suggestions, if a training session is full and it is one that I was really interested in attending? 

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Hi @pkeeler!


You can get on the wait list for a session by emailing training@zuora.com and including the session you're interested in along with your first and last name + company you work for.  We'll do our best to squeeze you in.