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Build Your Own Web Store with Zuora's APIs with Subscribed '16 Training

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Learn how to master Zuora’s API through this hands-on developer workshop at Subscribed ‘16’s Training Day on April 11th.  At the end of this session, you'll learn how to build a web storefront with the help of on-site developers.



This session is great for developers who are interested in getting a crash course on building a web storefront with Zuora’s REST API. You'll learn how to demo REST calls on a sample web portal and go about the entire integration process from setting up the necessary Zuora objects to making calls on them in Postman.


Course Prerequisites

Attendees should be familiar with APIs, including how to format calls in JSON and XML.


Key Takeaways

Zuora’s best engineers will be on hand during the session to help you create your storefront community and answer your questions




Building your own web storefront is one of the most popular uses for Zuora API and this course is a great hands-on approach for developers. Our training sessions are very popular so register for Subscribed ‘16 today. Training is included in your registration and takes place on April 11th (the day before Subscribed ‘16).