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Answers to Commonly Asked Finance Operations Questions

Zuora Staff

As a revenue and finance advocate for Zuora, I’ve helped several customers and partners on the phone, support tickets and the Community with their questions. Given the importance of Finance and Revenue for your business, I’ll be leading a session at Subscribed 2017’s User Summit “Answers to Commonly Asked Finance Operations Questions” where I’ll cover frequently-asked-questions of Zuora’s Finance operations engine including:

  • Accounting periods - What are the best practices for re-opening accounting periods? Can I change my accounting periods once they are created? Is there a report with all accounting period transactions, such as invoice creation, payments, tax, refunds?
  • GL segmentation rules - Can I have more than 1 Segmentation rule? Can I edit or delete my segmentation rule I created?
  • Journal entries - Do I have to delete and re-run my journal run if I created it and then added a new invoice to this period? Where are the transaction details in my journal run?
  • Revenue Recognition - Is there a revenue rule I can use to recognize one time charges over time? Is there a revenue report that I can use for deferred revenue?

I’ll also share some of my best practices when it comes to audit and compliance as well as use cases relevant to a Zuora user in a Finance role. You’ll walk away from my session with a deeper understanding of using Zuora Finance and Revenue Recognition feeling confident during your month end close, creating and reviewing financial reports and feeling secure about upcoming audits you may have.


I hope you can join my breakout session at Subscribed 2017 so that I can meet all of you in person and put a friendly voice to a smiling face! You can also catch me at the Community booth in the Learners’ Lounge where I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions


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About Monique Romero
Monique draws on her knowledge of the Zuora platform and her background in Accounting to support customers with getting the most value from the product. Prior to her role as Revenue & Finance Advocate at Zuora, she worked as an Associate Accountant at Genentech and as an Authentication Specialist at VeriSign.