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7 Reasons to Attend Subscribed 2017

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There’s no doubt that Subscribed is the #1 event to attend if you’d like your company to thrive in this ever-changing economy.  Even if you’re a Subscribed veteran, there’s always something new to learn...but what’s different at this year’s Subscribed?


This year, we’re focused on giving our customers ample opportunities to learn through our Zuora User Summit with advanced role-based training, one-on-one support, an interactive Connor Group ASC 606 workshop and more.


Here are our 7 reasons why we think you should join us at Subscribed 2017 on June 5-7 in San Francisco:


1. User Summit Training Tracks - Day 1


We’ve got something for everyone at our first ever User Summit where you can receive training from Zuora product experts and like-minded users:

  • Billing & Payment Operations - Automate recurring billing and tax compliance, advanced AR settlement, customize invoices, manage billing and payment reports.
  • Zuora Administrators - Perform complex quotes, measure subscription bookings, pull user data, reporting for audit/compliance.
  • Pricing & Growth Managers - Discounts and free trials, evaluate effectiveness of pricing strategies with Zuora reporting, capture new revenue opportunities, real-time usage rating, optimize your product catalog.
  • Finance Operations - Create GL segmentation rules, new ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue recognition, predict and measure churn, generate revenue detail reports, create payments in bulk.
  • IT/Developers - Create custom applications and integrations, troubleshoot for error handling, reporting APIs...and introducing our first San Francisco Subscribed Hackathon!
  • New to Zuora - Create a product catalog, establish billing workflow, generate a payment run, create quotes, run and customize reports.

Questions about the User Summit? Ask them here.


2. Learners’ Lounge - All 3 Days


Receive personalized support and talk through your use and edge cases or engage with (or just listen to) a group heavy-hitters in a Community Roundtable discussion at the Community booth where we’ll have experts ranging from Zuora for Salesforce to the Developer Center and APIs.


Questions about the Learners’ Lounge? Ask them here.


3. Hackathon - All 3 Days
Think you’ve got what it takes to create an app that could be featured on Zuora Connect? Participate in our hackathon where you’ll have full access to Zuora engineers to learn how to integrate Zuora upstream and downstream, play with the new app hosting framework and learn how to use our REST APIs.

Questions about the Hackathon? Ask them here.



4. Disruptor Panel - Day 2


The Subscription Economy is a game-changer and the business landscape is evolving at lightning speed. Join Zuora CMO David Gee and an impressive list of panelists who’ve successfully disrupted whole industries to help rewrite the rules for the future.

Questions about the Disruptor Panel or the Subscription Economy? Ask them here.


5. Breakout Sessions - Day 2


Become inspired by one of our four tracks:

  • Growth: Discover proven strategies, success stories, disruptive trends and key metrics for SaaS and D2C companies for rapid and sustainable growth.
  • Finance: Must-attend track for seasoned finance professionals who are laser-focused on ASC 606 and/or have taxation or payment questions.
  • Technology: Discover Zuora’s distinct platform and how our Product, Engineering and IT teams think about building and implementing a cutting-edge product.
  • Enterprise Transformation (Full-access passes only): Dedicated to winning the battle of disruption. Don’t expect the standard transformation pitch - you’ll walk away with an actionable playbook on four, cross-industry business model transformation strategies that will give you the groundwork on what you need to do to fight back.

Questions about Breakout Sessions? Ask them here.


6. Product Keynote - Day 3


From the Subscription Order Management engine to Subscription Revenue Recognition for ASC 606, we’re excited to reveal a whole new wave of products built to power subscription businesses. Join SVP of Product Tom Krackler, Symantec CIO Sheila Jordan and other Zuora product experts as we lift the veil on what’s coming to Zuora in 2017!

Questions about the Product Keynote? Ask them here.


7. Networking Opportunities Galore - All 3 Days


We can’t let you attend Subscribed without providing opportunities to meet others in the industry. And if you’re a little green on the networking scene, the Community booth is always open - we’d love to meet you!  


Day 1 Networking Opportunities

  • Breakfast
  • User Summit Welcome Reception
  • Community Roundtable Discussion @Lunch - Who do you want to meet?
  • Networking Lunch 
  • Customer Awards Ceremony & Partner Reception

Day 2 Networking Opportunities

  • Breakfast
  • Community Roundtable Discussion @ Lunch - Discuss Zuora Best Practices
  • Subscribed Showcase - a place where you can check out cool product and service innovations from Subscription Economy Leaders
  • Networking Lunch 
  • Networking Reception
  • Subscribed After-Party 

Day 3 Networking Opportunities

  • Power Up Networking Breakfast
  • Subscribed Showcase
  • Networking Breakfast (for those not attending the Power Up Breakfast)
  • Community Roundtable Discussion with Zuora Engineering/Developers @ Breakfast
  • Closing Lunch


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Honorable Mention 

Each day at Subscribed, the Zuora Community booth is holding a raffle to give away one Amazon Echo to a lucky Subscribed attendee!



JUNE 5-7, 2017