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zqu.zCharge class - QUANTITY - Populated how?

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zqu.zCharge class - QUANTITY - Populated how?

Any info on how and when the QUANTITY property is populated on the zqu.zCharge class would be appreciated. (I've written code to populate the 'Quote Charge Tier' object and that is causing a custom Visual Force page to generate errors.) The zqu.zCharge QUANTITY property is currently populated with a dash '-' and I'm trying to understand why it isn't populated with the same value as the quantity of the Quote Charge. 


Any help on mapping values from the zCharge class back to field values on Salesforce objects would help as well.

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Re: zqu.zCharge class - QUANTITY - Populated how?


This is a great question. I'd be interested in finding out more as well. (adding myself so I'll be notified for future updates)

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