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zQuoteUtilHelper.findQuoteById(): Argument quoteId cannot be NULL error on quote Detail page

Problem: when we click on the "Edit Quote Details" button and click on save we received below error.


zQuoteUtilHelper.findQuoteById(): Argument quoteId cannot be NULL



At this point the issue has been identified to be the following:

If we have any rule engine plugin with runValidationRules method and the setting Enable Rule Validation on Quote Creation enabled as part of quote configuration settings then the error is thrown during the Edit Quotes.



If you are not expecting the Error message in Edit Quotes screen then please disable Enable Rule Validation on Quote Creation in Quote configuration settings.



This issue is fixed in 9.16.1, Please create a Support Ticket to get the Installation Link.

This Fix will be also part of 9.17 release as well. 9.17 will be released the week of August 19th and will be pushed to all 9.16 and 9.16.1 org.

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