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future dated amendment sync to salesforce

Future dated amendments are immediately synced to salesforce reflecting the future dated changes.


Any removed products as part of future dates subscriptions are immedialtely deleted from salesforce.


Is there nay configuration for this sync to happen effective the future dated amendment?


Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

Currently no, there is no configuration to do this. (At least from the user side, Zuora may have something on the backend they can do).


This mirrors the behavior of the Zuora UI where removed products do not show up on the latest version of the subscription, even if they are still effective (i.e. a future dated removal, as you said).


I think it would be a worthy improvement to show the products that are "pending removal" in both the Zuora UI as well as Salesforce so its clear what is still effective on a subscription. The only place this is aparent is via the API when you retrieve all the possible charges and look at their dates.

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Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

Thanks for the reply Jacob!


While we have the sp&c data in salesforce, its an overhead to fetch them via api again because Zuora is not doing its job of sync properly. But looks like its the only way.


Good you pointed on Zuora UI as well, which doesn't give much insight of all entitled products for current term.


Lets see what Zuora has to say!


Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

@anusha, I am curious what you meant by having the SP&C in Salesforce that you can query via the API... Are you saying that the charges are still sync'd into Salesforce even though its not linked to the Subscription object?

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Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

@feisley I meant subscription product & charges object in salesforce by sp&c.


In case of future dated remove, I dont see the product in salesforce.


But In case of future dated product update, I see the change reflected in salesforce.


Scenario 1: Future Dated Amendment - To Update a product

Say, we have a product A from 1/1/2016 to 1/1/2018 for quantity 10. Now, we make amendment that updates the quantity from 10 to 15 effective 1/1/2017.

In salesforce, it syncs as Product A from 1/1/2017 to 1/1/2018 for qty 15 under SP&C.

We lost the visibility of this product for current year 1/1/2016 to 1/1/2017.


Scenario 2: Future Dated Amendment - To Remove a product

Say, we have a product B from 1/1/2016 to 1/1/2018. Now, we make amendment that removes product effective 1/1/2017.

In salesforce, it completely deletes the product B information. We don't have any visibility of the product under SP&C.


Look like zuora syncs the latest amendment for that product into salesforce irrespective of amendment effective date, which causes this problem.


Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

@anusha ok then, what you see mirrors my understanding of how it works. (Thought you might have found something new hidden in the SP&C ;-) )


The current behavior in Salesforce mirrors the Zuora UI in that it only exposes the latest version shapshot of the subscription (which as we discussed does not give the full picture)


Ideally both interfaces would give you the effective products on the plan at a given point in time. I realize this has some potential challenges to think through given that the lists could grow quite long over time... For example if you have a charge that is effective from 2016-01-01 to 2016-02-15 and the current date is 2016-02-13, you would still show it. But if the date is 2016-02-18 you would hide it since its no longer effective. Since this is based on the current date, the view can change as time passes vs today its a fixed view at any point in time.


I forget where, but I recall a discussion around having a UI that could display the "effective" plan charges at a given point in time. For example by default it would show the charges for todays date, but also allow you to specify a date in the future (or past) and see what charges were effective at that moment in time. Having that in both the Zuora UI and Salesforce would seemingly help, but minimally in Salesforce we need to have the raw data sync'd in so that we can build such a UI (or Zuora can in a future update)


Perhaps @nathanc can give some insights into the reasoning for syncing the latest subscription snapshot only and any plans for changes to that. If no current plans to improve it, we can open an Idea post to track the requirements and hopefully get Zuora to consider it for future releases.

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Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

On Zuora Subscription -> more -> preview


This zuora UI reflects everything correctly. 


Hopefully such information will be pased to salesforce in future releases.


Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

So the "Preview" option thats currently there is more of a billing preview. It will only show charges that generate some billing impact on the invoice. Other charges that may have been removed, or have no financial impact will not show up there.


Thats why i say we need a similar feature for the subscription itself to preview its state at a given point in time (with the default view being today so a member of the support or billing team can simply look at the subscription and know precisely what is effective at this moment in time)

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Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce


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Re: future dated amendment sync to salesforce

Have been following this thread but this is a very thorny issue.  I don't disagree (which means I agree) that there is probably a capability needed here.


Currently yes, we only sync the latest "snapshot"/"Version" of the subscription.   This is both due to simplicity and customer need.


Having said that as time goes on there is a need to sync Subscription History (Amendments and previous versions), but which we really need to change our sync architecture to do this (this is Configurable Sync, since not all customers want the Subscription History and Salesforce charges for storage). 


But I also think the notion of a future dated amendment brings many other items into question, which is that basically the state of a subscription is only relevant to the timeframe that you ask it for.  The subscription state between Jan-Feb now could be different as compared to March-Arpil, depending on what amendments you have planned.


This is true for prices and products, the Subscriptions status, virtually anything on the subscription.


This, is a much larger question.