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Zuora invoice adjustment

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Zuora invoice adjustment



How is it possible to create invoice adjustment? (note: NOT invoice item adjustment) I want to adjust invoice and then sync adjustment to salesforce with Zuora 360, so can I see how invoice was adjusted. However there is no option to adjust invoice in zuora invoice_adjustment.PNG Invoice item adjustment doesn't fit me, because they are not being synced into salesforce.


Does zuora let u to make invoice adjustments? From this link (https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/IC_Invoice_Item_Adjustments/D_Creating_Invoice_Adjustme...) it seems that it should be possible, but there is no such and option for me.

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Re: Zuora invoice adjustment

Unfortunately, as per the Knowledge Center article in question, Invoice Adjustment has been deprecated. Zuora recommends that you use the Invoice Item Adjustment to adjust invoices.


Also, please note in the future we will be releasing Advanced AR Settlement features which will provide a broad set of new capabilities in billing and AR settlement. One such capability will be Credit/Debit Memos which will be the new mechanism used for adjusting invoice balances.

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