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Zuora connector Setup

Hi Zuora Team,


I am working with a client who wants to install Salesforce CPQ and connect to existing Zuora Billing through Zuora connector.  Currently , Zuora quotes is being used. 


While going through setup configuration guide of Zuora connector , i see that there is a disclaimer  which says "We do not recommend you install Zuora Connector for Salesforce CPQ and Zuora Quotes in the same org. The configuration has not been certified" . There are no further details around it.


As we already have Zuora Quotes in production refresh full copy sandbox and have installed Salesforce CPQ , we cannot uninstall Zuora quotes until we are done migrating from Zuora quotes to salesforce CPQ quotes. 


 We can also not start from scratch in a new sandbox and install required packages , because that will mean migrating a lot of data in the new sandbox from production. 


A detail around what exatly is the compatibility issue between Zuora quotes and Zuora connector will help and how can we go about it. 





Re: Zuora connector Setup


I am presently working on a similar project - deploying SF CPQ for a customer who is moving from zQuotes (Zuora CPQ) to Salesforce CPQ.

The issue, as it was explained to me by Zuora, is that zQuotes uses the zProducts custom object in SFDC and these product records are synced from Zuora to SFDC using z360**.   SF CPQ, by contrast, uses the Products2 object as the master product catalog and syncs this to Zuora's Product Catalog through the Zuora Connector for Salesforce CPQ.   With the Connector in pace you wouldn't (normally) be syncing theProduct Catalog from Zuora to SFDC anymore.

HAving both of these integrations co-exist in the same SF & Zuora instance isn't a certified (i.e. supported) configuration.    For example, the Products2 records would be synced to Zuora using the Connector and those same records could then also be synced back to zProducts by the z360 sync, adding the "CPQ Products" to the legacy zProducts catalog.   There is no way currently to prevent z360 from pushing the CPQ product catalog into the zProducts object.   That could be problematic and could potentially cause the sync to fail.

Would it work though?   Possibly - you would need to test it.   If it did work and you could successfully have both syncs work, you could configure the zQuotes flow to filter out the "CPQ Products" so they wouldn't appear as selectable on new zQuotes transactions during the interim period.  In theory anyway

We thought about trying this but in the end decided to follow the recommended approach given time contraints.


** The latest versions of Zuora CPQ (aka Quotes) supports a "bundling" feature.  If enabled the Zuora CPQ package uses the Products2 object and the product catalog sync direction changes. With bundling enabled, the product catalog is mastered in the Products2 object and is synced to Zuora's Product Catalog.


Sean Ralph CPA CA
Zuora Alumni

Re: Zuora connector Setup

Sean is mostly correct.  The simple fact is that both products now use the Product2 object.  There's a high risk that you can shoot yourself in the foot as a result if you don't know what you are doing, which is why we don't support the configuration.


There's is nothing technically to stop you as far as I am aware as the packages are different namespaces, but it's a configuration (having both packages installed) that we simply havent tested and do not therefore support.  And wherever you have shared objects you have to be careful.


Re: Zuora connector Setup

Thanks for clarifying Nathan!

Sean Ralph CPA CA