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Zuora Subscription ID

 I'd like to know if the Zuora Subscription ID on Quote (zqu__ZuoraSubscriptionID__c) is equivalent to the Subscription Rate Plan Charge Zuora Id (zqu__SubscriptionRatePlanChargeZuoraId__c) on Quote Rate Charge Plan. If not, how can I reference zqu__ZuoraSubscriptionID__c from Quote Rate Plan Charge? Thank you

Zuora Quotes 6.54

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Re: Zuora Subscription ID



You will not be able to reference zqu__ZuoraSubscriptionID__c from Quote Rate Plan Charge as the Quote Rate Plan Charge merge fields are used for New Subscription type quotes - hence will not yet have been sent to Zuora to generate a subscription ID

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Re: Zuora Subscription ID

Ah ha, I should have given more conext. This is within an afterUpdate trigger on Quote, so the Quote status would already have been priorly sent to Z-billing. With this piece of info, are you able to recommend how I can reference the subscritiption ID frrom QuoteRatePlanCharge. When I was on Zuora Quotes 6.43, I was able to do so as such:


List<zqu__QuoteCharge__c> qcList = [select Category__c, Service_Area__c, zqu__Quote__r.zqu__ZuoraSubscriptionID__c
    from zqu__QuoteCharge__c
    where zqu__Quote__c in :zQuoteNewSub]; // zQuoteNewSub is a list of ID Strings 


However, after the deprecation of the Quote Charge class, in the above code, I want to reference the QuoteRatePlanCharge instead. Again, this is all in an after update trigger on Quote.


Thank you very much for your reply

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Re: Zuora Subscription ID

Hi @abd00s,


It looks like you have a call scheduled with @doyeli today. After the call, could you share the solution with the community? It'd be very helpful should other customers run into the same issue.




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Re: Zuora Subscription ID

Hi Abdullah,

Quote Rate Plan charge object does not have a direct relationship to Quote Object (as Quote charge object used to have).
QRPC object has a Master-Detail to Quote Rate Plan object and then, Quote Rate plan has a lookup relationship to quote Object.
I could run the following nested query between QRP and QRPC to get the subscription id from quote Object.

SELECT Id, Name,zqu__Quote__r.zqu__ZuoraSubscriptionID__c,
( SELECT id,Name,zqu__QuoteRatePlan__c FROM zqu__Quote_Rate_Plan_Charges__r)
FROM zqu__QuoteRatePlan__c where id = 'a114100000VCeb'


You need to adjust your code to implement something similar.

Thank you

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