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Re: Why the NextChargeDate on Salesforce is wrong?

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Why the NextChargeDate on Salesforce is wrong?


we are expecting the date should be start date of next service period  but the date is showing next day date of the current service period.

Why NextChargeDate on Salesforce is wrong?



In this particular case, Subscription has been billed for 07/23/2019-08/22/2019 and customer is expecting the next charge date to be 08/23/2019 but the NextChargeDate is 24/07/2019

The subscription's Next Charge Date should be the earliest Rate Plan Charge's Charged Through Date, so we need to look at all charges.

This is because this subscription has on demand usage charges.

Usage is billed in arrears so their Charged Through Date would be 23/08/2019 as well. However, looking further into these charges, they are all On-Demand usage which can be billed for one day only (ie., 23/07/2019 - 23/07/2019) with a Trigger Date = 24/07/2019. Therefore, their actual Charged Through Date = 24/07/2019.



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Re: Why the NextChargeDate on Salesforce is wrong?

Also encountering this issue. Here's their explanation:



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