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Why "Initial Term" & "Renewal Term" are not visible while creating the Quote?

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Why "Initial Term" & "Renewal Term" are not visible while creating the Quote?

Problem: Zuora Quote fields "Initial Term" & "Renewal Term" are not being visible in the layout while creating a quote even if they are added to the field set as shown below and the field accessibility is also set properly.



Solution: In this specific case customer was not able to see the mentioned fields when creating the Quote even when we added them to the right field set. On investigating further after checking both the field's accessibility, we could figure out that this was happening due to the below reason. 


Subscription Term Type needs to be selected as Termed for Initial Term , Renewal Term, Renewal Setting , Auto-Renew etc. fields to get displayed. For Evergreen Subscription Term Type, those fields do not get displayed as those are not applicable. The field Subscription Term Type was not added to the field set (And hence this field was not visible) and the value of this field was set to "Evergreen" as default as shown below. 



When we updated the default value to "Termed" as per customer's use case, the issue was resolved.


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