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What does the zqu contact before update trigger do?

What does this trigger do: Class.zqu.ContactObjectManager.beforeUpdate in Trigger.zqu.ContactTrigger?


Is there knowledge center documentation on what function your triggers on Salesforce Standard objects do? What business rules they are satisfying?


A Before Update Trigger in Salesfoce should not have any side-effects; yet sometimes I get a quote validation error on a Contact Update.


I know the quote validation rule is something we have to fix locally but I am concerned about what your code could be changing in this case. The developer exception error email Salesforce sends me does not provide information on what preceded an error just where the exception was raised and on which object.


It is very hard to have control over what happens in our Salesforce org when a managed package does something unexpected.

Maggie Longshore
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Re: What does the zqu contact before update trigger do?

Hi @MaggieL, Icould find the information on  zqu.ContactTrigger in the following release note:




Here is the excerpt:



Patch Release 6.1.6
The 6.1.6 release includes the following resolved issues as well as other internal operational fixes.


Update quotes only when the Sold To Contact address detail is changed:

The ContactTrigger was updated so that only changes to address fields trigger the Is Charge Expired field of Quote object. The Is Charge Expired field is an indicator that the quote metrics need to be re-calculated due to potential taxation changes. And this update to quote will not trigger a roll-up to the opportunity. "


I have also reviewed the code of beforeUpdate() and could validate it sets quote.Is_Charge_Expired__c = true when the SoldToContact information of a Quote which is in status 'New' and  has Is_Parent_Quote__c = false and and ParentQuote__c = null  is updated.


Please let me  know if this helps.

What is the validation error that you are getting .


Thank you


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Re: What does the zqu contact before update trigger do?

@doyeli Thank you this does help.


Maggie Longshore