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User is logged in as community user and click on "View Invoice PDF" on Invoice redirected to error


<domain>/customer is down for maintenance
Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back shortly


- Login in as community user.
- Select any of the Invoice.
- Click on "View Invoice PDF" button in the Invoice detail page and it lands in the error page.

- In this specific scenario, domain url has /customer appended, this was a specific requirement for user as they will have multiple communities and this is the way to isolate them i.e "customer" appended to URL. 


But when community user clicks on view invoice pdf button this "customer" is not appended and it looks like <domain>/apex/Zuora__viewInvoicePdf?id=a1eQ0000001xxxx&viewInline=true which is the cause of the error.



Solution is to add another button and use the URL: 

This can open a new page, with the correct Invoice Pdf, no extra header or sidebar.

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