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Updating the Bill To or Sold To outside of the quoting process in Zuora CPQ

I was wondering how other people solve the problem of updating the Bill To / Sold To contact info outside of the quoting process (using Zuora CPQ)?


For example - part way through a subscription term a customer gets in touch (eg via customer support) and tells us they are now the person looking after the software (eg they are now the correct Sold To person for a subscription).


At this point we put their details into Salesforce as a contact and we want to update their data in the Zuora Billing Account so that when the time comes the renewal quote gets sent to the correct person.


What's the best way of updating the subscription's billing account with the details for the new person outside of the quoting process?


I am aware that during the quoting process we can use the "Update Zuora Account Details" to update the Sold To person connected with that account.


However outside of the quoting process the only way I am aware of is to add the details to Salesforce and then separately add them directly into Zuora (against the Billing Account). Obviously this is duplication and would also require work from 2 teams (as only our credit control team have access to Zuora Billing).




Re: Updating the Bill To or Sold To outside of the quoting process in Zuora CPQ

We faced the same challenge.  Here are our 2 solutions.


Sales team members don't have access to Zuora, only Accounting team members.


At first we created a case workflow in salesforce.  A sales team member would create a case indicating the contact(s) information that needed updating in Zuora.  Then the case would be assigend to Accounting.  The Accounting team member would then update the Zuora account's contact information.  However, over time, our business decided that accounting no longer needed to be a "gate keeper" on updating the information.


Then we built a workflow in Salesforce that a sales team member could use to directly update the contact information in Zuora.  This process uses a Custom button we created on the Billing Account record in Salesforce.  The custom button uses a Zuora API call to render a list of the existing contacts on the Zuora billing account in a UI in salesforce.  The sales team member can then edit, delete or create new contacts in Zuora.  It also allows the sales team member to assign the Bill To and Sold To contacts.